Happy 2014: The Plan

Happy 2014!

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for their continued support of Written Word Communications. Clients continued to grow in their respective businesses and 2013 was the year when many new clients and acquaintances took major steps in their entrepreneurial journeys. From food services to writing new books, taking the leap into business has definitely been worth the wait for them. The biggest accomplishment for me was taking over the @Owners Twitter handle for the Oprah Winfrey Network during the first weekend in November. It was an unexpected endeavor that I never dreamed would occur.

As with every year, a new one means endless possibilities for everyone. That said, my first blog post of the new year offers the simple, yet complicated question: what is your plan?

Notice that the operative word is plan, not resolution. New Year’s resolutions are not my cup of tea. It may work for some but not for most. Many who try this option end up disappointed and resentful that they did not do more or enough. Speaking from experience, it can become a vicious cycle.

If 2013 taught me nothing else, it was to plan accordingly and execute realistically.  Granted, there is nothing wrong with “thinking big.” We are inundated with endless stories and social media posts that show where that concept can lead you. You have to remember that getting to your finish line may not be the “straight line” you envision. Big dreams are achieved by making the best of small steps.

This week, I will post plan prompts with questions to spark your thinking into making the best plans for yourself. Here are the plans I will present:

1. The Creative Plan

2. The Communications Plan

3. The Networking Plan

4. The Storage Plan

5. The Rest, Relaxation, and Pleasure Plan
Get ready to sharpen those pencils, get those journals, and fire up those tablets. It’s time to plan!

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Again, here’s to 2014!

-Maria Roberts





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  1. Angela Davis says:

    Maria I want to thank you again for helping me launch my first book. I will never forget the pain of giving birth that I endured and you was there every step . I learned so much from you the do’s and don’t s. 2014 God is taking me in another directions and I’m excited to see my dreams come true. I am blessed to know you and will never , ever forget your long- suffering while editing my book Restoration: Revolving Doors. God Bless and keep working hard helping others succeed their dreams.

    Thank you

    Angela Davis

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