It’s Definitely The Shoes: Christian Louboutin vs. Jessica Simpson

Last week, I posted an article to my personal Facebook page concerning what I feel is an obvious instance of blatant idea/concept theft. It involved the evolving brand of singer/reality star/mama-to-be/business owner Jessica Simpson, whose line of shoes have become quite popular in recent years. Her Evangel sandals have been making the rounds as one of many shoes to add to the fashion arsenal this spring. Take a peep below:

Evangel Sandal - Jessica Simpson


At first glance, it’s a pretty hot shoe. Beautiful pink suede straps with yellow trim, the lilac platform heel, black suede for the accent. Like I said, pretty hot shoe. Just one slight problem…


Staratata Sandal - Christian Louboutin

That problem comes in the form of Christian Louboutin’s Staratata sandal. Beautiful pink suede straps with yellow trim, the lilac platform heel, well…you get the picture.  Look familiar? You bet it does.

Christian Louboutin released its sandal two years prior to Simpson’s Evangel. After seeing this, that first shoe doesn’t really look all that great now. Sans the infamous red sole, the first shoe is basically a carbon copy of the second.

Many have taken to the web to blog about it. This has been a growing (but disturbing) trend in fashion. Is straight duplication now the new “paying homage,” or simply public duplicity? Have we reached that point where we simply take someone’s concept and simply slap our names on it? Apparently, the answer is yes.

So I pose the question: what would you do if you discover that someone has copied or showcased your design as their own?


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