From The Lab: Plan Two – The Communications Plan

In Part Two of WWC’s Plan Series, I want to examine the Communications Plan. Depending on where you are in your personal or professional development this plan may be developed in parts rather than in its entirety. It’s important to remember that communication is more than simply talking to people. There has to be a meaning and purpose to how, where, and what you communicate in order to avoid being misunderstood, offensive, or completely ignored.

Here are you sample questions when considering or developing your communications plan:

  1. What are my primary communication methods? Are they working to my advantage? Why or why not?
  2. Is there a communication method I can do without that will not adversely affect my professional or personal self?
  3. What is my personal message? What is my professional message (if applicable)?
  4. What is my demographic? Who am I attempting to convey my message to?
  5. Is the message I want to convey clear and concise, or convoluted with no direction?
  6. Am I doing certain things that are in direct contrast to the message I am trying to convey?
  7. Does my message require something of me that I am not able to do right now?
  8. Is my message connected to a product or service?
  9. Are there alternate functions in place in the event I am not able to communicate in my preferred method?
  10. Am I using social media to my advantage? Should I increase visibility on some platforms and get rid of others?
  11. Is there a communication method that I previously stopped using that I now want to return to? What is it? Why? What do I need to do to return to it?
  12. What percentage of my communications involves networking?

The Communications Plan can be manipulated to suit your needs and may actually be the one that changes the most depending on your colleagues, clients, friends, and collaborators.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s prompt. Choose well…




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