Useful links

Identity System Needs

Overnight Prints is an effective online print provider for many of your marketing needs including business cards, postcards, invitations, and more. With affordable pricing, this site is a great starting point for new businesses that have completed their initial identity systems. Companies can design from preset templates or upload custom designs Preset templates are available capability to upload custom designs.

Some businesses and entrepreneurs want to step it up a notch and customize their marketing materials even further. Moo provides a jazzy way to customize business cards, postcards, and more from a vast array of designs, colors, and layouts.

Blogging Platforms

WordPress is a popular choice for many businesses who are looking to expand their social media presence by adding or linking a blog to their web site. For those who wish to self-host, log on to

Blogger is another popular choice for those looking to take their ideas to the blogosphere. Simple layouts and guides allow anyone to start blogging right away.

Business Information

Want to know everything about running a small business? Look no further than the Small Business Administration, the leading authority on how to start, launch, and maintain a business.

Let’s face it. What Uncle Sam wants, he gets, and your business is not exempt from giving to him. The Internal Revenue Service is the best place to receive information ranging from tax identification, payments, etc.


CNN is definitely the the go to for national news. The cable news channel has a health social media presence and can be viewed online.

Know what is going on around the globe in politics, business, entertainment, and tech from one of the largest multimedia news outlets in the world.

Electronic Signing and Payments

PayPal allows anyone to send, receive, or transfer funds in exchange for goods and services. A great start for virtual businesses and a great tool within the entrepreneur’s arsenal.

With so many businesses embracing its digital side, its still imperative to make sure those contracts and agreements are signed. EchosSign is perfect for ensuring digital signatures on contracts, agreements, and other pertinent forms.

E-mail Marketing

Want to send your clients, supporters, and customers an online newsletter? Well, here’s your chance. MailChimp allows you to not only create great newsletters but allows you to store contacts efficiently and offers a variety of other services and a great library of manuals to guide you along.

MadMimi is another affordable way to send creative e-mail newsletter to your clientele and maintain your contact listings with ease. Packages start as low as $8 per month.