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Imagine you are out and about. You either run into an old acquaintance or strike up a conversation with a stranger. As you mention your business (and the other person becomes interested) you realize that you’ve run out of business cards. What do you do?

Most people simply give their mobile number and move on, but the sting of not being “prepared” my tend to get to some entrepreneurs. Again, what do you do? Allow me to suggest a simple yet effective solution by having you do a simple exercise. This exercise takes two simple steps. Test this technique:

Step 1: Text RiaRob to the number 50500 on your smartphone.

Step 2: Watch what happens.

The result? You should be looking at a text returned to your smartphone. A mobile text business card with my name, e-mail(s) and a contact number. That card is courtesy of Contxts, a free mobile SMS business card service that allows business owners and entrepreneurs to always have their contact information available to network and land more clients.

This works great for those who simply like taking paperless and/or virtual avenues as it pertains to deliverables. Obviously, this does not replace my official business card but serves as great back up. The great part? No time consuming registration process. Within a few minutes, you’ll be all set.

To try Contxt for yourself, go to www.contxts.com

Happy Networking!


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  1. Angela Davis says:

    I am always asked , Do you have a business card? So I will be using the text to go. How do I set up the text mobile business cards?

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